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Theft in Borghan, heard the unknown thief took away the jewelery along with the cash amount in the house, this fourth incident of theft in the area, the police could not catch the thief till now


Goodness. In village Borgahan Funda under Ranchirai police station area, on Monday, unknown thieves have carried out the incident of theft in broad daylight from a roadside house, it was told that the thieves had stolen from the house of Kamta Prasad Navrange, resident of Borghan, between one and two o'clock in the afternoon on Monday. Victim Kamta Prasad Navrange, who broke the cupboard and took away the cash amount including the jewelery kept in it, said that the theft took place between one and two o'clock in the afternoon. I went to work, the same wife had gone to the farm and her girl had gone to school. When the girl came home from school in the evening, she saw that the lock of the gate was open in front of the house and went inside and saw the lock of the room was broken and hanging. Victim Kamta Prasad Navrange told that two pieces of gold mangalsutra, 28 tola of silver, a pair of feet, two pairs of beech and 24 thousand five hundred rupees in cash have been stolen from his house, whose report he wrote after reaching the local Ranchirai police station and told that the theft was within the last few months. That this is the fourth incident in which the police have not even got the clue of the accused as a thief. They are carrying out the incident of theft out of fear. A few months ago, jewelery worth lakhs was stolen by breaking the lock of the house of Rajoli resident and District Panchayat member Pushpendra Chandrakar, after that in an auto parts shop located at Borghan Chowk, the goods of the car including cash. The theft took place two months ago, Ramesh Das Vaishnav, a resident of Kalangpur, was also robbed in broad daylight and now thieves have carried out the incident of theft in broad daylight in Borghan, tell that thieves in this area are stealing fearlessly and many incidents have been executed but the local police have not been able to catch even a single thief.

Bhanu Sahu reports from Gundardehi for CNI News

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