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Late Devvrat Singh's wife Vibha Singh's security personnel taunted guns, fiercely fighting late at night, also discussed firing, PSO's head exploded

                                                      Khairagarh. The incident of firing after a fight between two groups has come to light on Saturday night over a dispute over eating food in the dhaba. In this, along with five youths of the city, the gunman of Vibha Singh, wife of former MLA Devvrat Singh, is also included. Taking immediate action, the police registered a case on both the sides and sent the six accused to jail! Giving information about the incident, ASP Neha Pandey said that on Saturday night, Vibha Singh had a clash with Gunmen Ishwar Singh, Mrinal Singh and other group's Lucky Solanki, Deva Rajput, Vicky Rajput and Hemant Rajak in Priyanshu Dhaba located on Dhamdha Marg. There the matter was settled in the middle of the rescue but both the sides clashed again at Jai Stambh Chowk in the city. During this, Gunman Ishwar Singh took out his gun and left, threatening everyone. The matter did not calm down even after this and the four people of the other side reached the Jamaat Para, there was a fierce fight! During this, the gunman's revolver was snatched and fired at him. And there was a lot of fighting! The matter was pacified by the rescue among others, the police reached the spot, registering a case against both the sides and also recovered the bullet case from the spot!

In the case of firing for the first time, the police was also shocked! Quickly registering a case against both the parties under non-bailable sections, six accused have been sent to jail! 294,506,323,452,34 against Gunman Ishwar Singh and Mrinal Singh and 307,34 against Deva Rajput, Rizwan alias Lucky Solanki, Vicky Rajput and Hemant Rajak of the other side and sent to jail.

gun man suspended

Ishwar Singh, working as gunman of Vibha Singh, has been suspended by the CAF battalion officer with immediate effect and ordered an inquiry against Ishwar Singh due to the registration of the case and taking out the gun at the common place.

A case of assault has been registered between two parties while eating food in the dhaba, in which the gunman took out his gun, the accused of the other side fired! All the accused have been arrested and sent to jail.

Neha Pandey ASP

Somesh Kumar reports from CNI News Khairagarh

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