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Kerala man assaults cop with blade in stunning video

Aman was shot going after a cop with a blade in Kerala. The stunning film, shared by Kerala Police via virtual entertainment, shows the police officer battling the aggressor in spite of being harmed. He figured out how to curb the fighter after a battle, yet not previously

Police say that Arun Kumar, the Station House Officer responsible for Nooranad police headquarters in Kerala's Alappuzha region, was on the night watch with his driver when the assault happened.

Observation film shows that the cop halted his jeep a stopped his close to a man bike on the side of the road. Apparently the two traded words before the man drew out a blade and began going after the cop.

The aggressor was recognized as one Sugathan, a 48-year-old inhabitant of Nooranad. Sugathan figured out how to cut the police officer's hand before he was managed. The video shows the two men tumbling to the ground during their battle. The cop at last figured out how to repress Sugathan, after which spectators seeing the assault came to his associate.

As per Kerala Police, the occurrence occurred on close to Para Junction at 6pm on Sunday.

SHO Arun Kumar endured wounds on his hand in the assault which required seven fastens.

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