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The fake excise sub-inspector was caught by the Pandatarai police station.

In the police station Pandatarai of Kabirdham district, a written report was filed by the applicant Akshay Chandra village Mahali by coming to the police station that a person who describes himself as a sub-inspector of excise, whose name is Jagtaran Kosaria, through which I was given the name of getting a job in the Excise Department. 50000/ on demand. And have committed fraud by taking 10000/ in advance. On that report, after registering a crime in the Pandatarai police station, section 170, 420 was taken into consideration and in view of the seriousness of the matter, the senior officers of the district were immediately informed by the station in-charge about the said incident. On which under the direction of Kabirdham Superintendent of Police Dr. Lal Umed Singh and Additional Superintendent of Police Smt. Manisha Thakur Rawate and Police Sub-Divisional Officer Pandariya Shri Pankaj Patel,

SHO J.L. A team was formed by Shandilya and the address of the said accused was being searched. During the investigation, information was received that the said person has no relation with the Excise Department, nor is he working in any post in the Excise Department. On which the accused Jagtaran Kosaria was arrested and interrogated by the police team accepted his crime and after taking appropriate legal action against the accused,

the uniform of the Excise Sub-Inspector was recovered from the possession of the accused and presented before the Hon'ble Court and sent on judicial remand. Is. In the above action, under the guidance of senior officers of the district, the in-charge of the police station Pandatarai and the police team of Pandatarai made a commendable contribution.

Anwar Khan's report from CNI NEWS Kawardha Chhattisgarh.

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