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Accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor arrested

Accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor arrested

"was doing physical abuse for two years"

The applicant, Mrs. Rusai Bai, husband Rajkumar Sahu, age 50 years, came to Sakin Telitola Police Station, Mohla Police Station and lodged a report that her minor girl, aged 16 years and 11 months, left home on 30.11.2022 at 04.00 am saying she was going to the latrine. Has not returned home till today, on the report that the crime of Section 363 Bhadvi was registered and taken into consideration. Seeing the seriousness of the crime related to the girl child, under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Rajnandgaon Mr. Akshay Kumar District Mohla Manpur Chowki, Additional Superintendent of Police Manpur Mr. Puflesh Kumar, Police Sub-Divisional Officer Mr. Arjun Kare, formed a team under the efficient leadership of Inspector in-charge Kapildev Chandra Was imposed for detection. During the address search, on information from the informer, accused Mahendra Mandavi father Kuber Singh Mandavi age 24 years was summoned to Sakin Rengadbari police station Mangchua district Balod and on inquiry about the incident told that about two years ago when the accused Mahendra Mandavi village Murargota was working as a government official. When the drain construction work was going on, the accused had also gone to work. On the other hand, the deceased minor girl of Telitola village had also come to her brother-in-law's house, during that time they met each other, and liking each other, gave each other their mobile numbers. While talking, they fell deeply in love with each other. Then the accused Mahendra Mandavi came to her village village Telitola 20-25 times in about two years and made physical relation many times in the field by going to the back side of her house. On 30.11.2022 at around 04.00 am also came behind the house to meet the deceased. After his arrival, he took him to a field about 1 km away from the house where there was a pile of paravat. Both of them made physical relation while talking to each other, then accused Mahendra Mandavi checked the mobile of the deceased, then apart from accused Mahendra, there were messages of many people etc. in the mobile, then accused Mahendra Mandavi keeps on talking and messaging with whom in anger. I don't like all this, so she said that I don't talk or message anyone, you doubt, even after seeing in mobile you are lying, the accused lost his temper with anger, you are only mine, I am with you. Saying that he could not tolerate anyone else, he killed the deceased by entangling her neck with his pot, and after killing it, hid the dead body in a pile of paravat saying that no one should know about it. The act of the accused was arrested under sections 363, 366,376 (2) (n), 302, 201 Bhadavi, 4,6 Poxo Act and sent to judicial custody. Police station Mohla and cyber team had a special contribution in the said action.

Yogendra Singhne's report from CNI News Mohla....

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