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Take prompt action on the information about the occurrence of crime - IG Garg


Arvind Tiwari's report

Surguja - After taking over the command of the range, Inspector General of Police Ram Gopal Garg (I.P.S.) made the first visit to District Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur. The salute was taken by them first after reaching the SP office, during which brief information about the new district was informed by the SP MCB. Then he inspected the office and got introduction from all the gazetted officers and police station in-charges. In the presence of Tilakram Koshima Superintendent of Police, MCB, in the meeting room of the Superintendent of Police, IG Sarguja, in the presence of all the station-post in-charges of the district, in turn, information was obtained about the old pending crime, marg, complaint investigation in the police stations and the old cases were reviewed. Strict instructions were given to redress it as soon as possible. Strict instructions were given by the IG to take proper action with promptness without delay on the complaint information report received in the police station, to behave well with the complainant coming to the police station. He said that the main task of the police is to solve the problems of the applicants and solve their cases. In order to tighten the policing of the district, the IG directed that the MCB district is adjacent to the border of Madhya Pradesh State, for which the police system here will have to work with caution and alertness. Police should be vigilant at the border check post of the district and there should be no business of transporting any kind of illegal material. During the meeting, IG Surguja stressed on improving the image of the police in the general public and said that if any complainant/applicant comes to the police station with information about any incident-accident or crime, it should be heard immediately. Even if the matter is of any other area, according to the law, on the information of crime, the case should be registered in zero and sent to the concerned police station for deliberation, this will establish a good relationship between the general public and the police. Strict instructions were given by the Inspector General of Police to take strict action against those involved in illegal activities. Instructions were given to stop crime and criminals and to strengthen and strengthen basic policing, to resolve chit fund cases including pending cases at the earliest. Work actively in the arrest of the accused in chit fund cases, in the case of theft-counterfeiting, arrest the accused seriously and recover 100 percent goods, women safety, community policing and awareness of traffic rules and prevention of road accidents. Taking necessary steps for this, instructions were given to take strict action against those who drive after drinking alcohol. Make people aware about cybercrime, as well as ensure the arrest of the accused by registering a quick case when cybercrime cases come to light. He said that the fear of the police should be visible among the criminals, no kind of negligence will be tolerated in the discharge of the duties of their post. During the tour of the newly formed district Manendragarh-Bharatpur-Chirmiri, detailed information was given by the Superintendent of Police about the work related to the force, resources, barracks and construction deployed in the guarded center by the Inspector General of Police. During the visit to District Manendragarh (MCB), Superintendent of Police MCB Tilak Ram Koshima, Additional Superintendent of Police MCB Nimesh Kumar Baraiya, SDOP Manendragarh Rakesh Kurre and DSP Head Quarter Rupesh Dande, Reserve Inspector Manendragarh, all police station in-charge and police officers of Superintendent of Police MCB's office be present. After the meeting of all the officers in the office, a press conference was also held by the IG.

strengthen the beat system

It was said in the meeting by IG Surguja that the work of police is to curb crimes and this is possible only when we discharge our duties with bravery and honesty. He said that for this each one of us will have to work with hard work and sensitivity in our field. Along with strengthening the beat system of the police in the district, he directed to make the information system effective. In order to strengthen the beat system, the beat officer and jawan of every police station will go to their beat and make public relations with the people and will be aware of their problems and will take information about each and every activity of the village. Along with this, instructions were given to form a WhatsApp group of villagers and police officers and jawans of the beat area for quick information exchange.

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