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Khairagarh Police got success, the accused who carried out the burglary in the houses and shops arrested


Dated 01.11.2022

Khairagarh Police got success, the accused who carried out the burglary in the houses and shops arrested

In the incident in the police station Khairagarh areas, the M.S., Sabbal and cash amount used in the incident were recovered.

Due to the activation of the police, the panic spread in the area got relief

Saurabh Guni, another accused of Dau Chorachori, also arrested

           In the police station Khairagarh-Gatapar area, the theft complaint was being received by some unknown thieves after seeing the deserted in the night, unknown persons entered the wall behind Birendra Devangan's grocery shop located in Dauchaira Khairagarh in the night of 10.10.2022. Cash amount, coin, silver coin have been stolen that on the report, crime number 627/22 section 457,380 bhadvi was registered in police station Khairagarh. Similarly, on the date 11.10.2022, the applicant Komal Sinha, resident of Deori, broke the lock of the computer shop located in the market and stole the cash amount, the laptop box kept in the shop and set the shop on fire, on the report that the police station Khairagarh has crime no. 630/22 section 436,457,380 Bhadvi. were recorded. Keeping in view the ongoing incident, Mr. Superintendent of Police Mr. Ms. Ankita Sharma (IPS), under the guidance of Mr. Additional Superintendent of Police Neha Pandey and under the direction of Sub-Divisional Police Officer Mr. Lalchand Mohale and in-charge of Police Station Khairagarh Rajesh Kumar Sahu. And by forming a joint team of cyber cell Rajnandgaon, the unknown accused were directed to be caught at the earliest. Meanwhile, on coming to know from confidential sources that Saurabh Guni father Suresh Guni age 21 years Sakin Thakurpara Ward No. 05 Khairagarh police station Khairagarh was looking for a buyer to sell the box at a low price, on the basis of suspicion, when Saurabh Guni was strictly interrogated by the joint team, then disclosing the whole case, the incidents happened in a serial manner. Admitting that on 10.10.2022, Birendra Devangan, along with his partner Yashar Khan alias Shera, had robbed the wall behind the grocery shop in the night of 10.10.2022 and stole cash and silver coins and coins. And on 11.10.2022, both the legs of the accused got burnt due to stealing cash amount, laptop and sound box from computer shop located in the market at night village Deori. And on date 09.10.2022, in Gatapar police station area, it has been told to throw the goods in village Deori after stealing in the grocery shop of village Barbaspur. As told by the accused, accused Saurabh Guni father Suresh Guni age 21 years resident Thakurpara ward no. 05 from the possession of Khairagarh police station Khairagarh One piece small sound box, precious 500 / - two pieces silver coin, Rs 1800 / - cash and Rs 610 / - Chilhar coin One piece of sabbal used in the incident, one piece of Mosa, precious 20,000 / confiscated has gone. The incident was carried out by the accused Gan Saurabh * and Shera by recceing from the motorcycle and breaking the lock and breaking the lock, the bridge below was used to avoid the CCTV camera. Birendra Chandrakar, Soni Mayaram Neta, constable 1220 Akhtar Mirza, constable 660 Duleshwar Sahu, constable 821 Laxman Sahu and cyber cell hon. Talesh Singh, pr. constable Danesh Singh, constable Chandravijay Singh, Tribhuvan Yadu, shishupal sahu, jaipal kaivatrya cell, raj0 singh aditya singh Sahu had a special commendable contribution.

Somesh Kumar reports from CNI News Khairagarh

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